FuseBox RCBOs - Main Switch Consumer Unit Installation

Fusebox Main Switch Consumer Unit

Fusebox RCBOs

FuseBox RCBOs have become increasingly popular due to their solid construction, attractive price and reliability. Highly rated by professional electricians with over 100 reviews, FuseBox has become the go-to brand for professionals who demand quality and affordability.

When fitted inside the FuseBox T2 surge protection consumer units, you achieve comprehensive circuit protection at a very reasonable price.

Type A RCBOs are used to detect AC (Alternating Current) and pulsating DC (Direct Current) components. 

The new mini RCBO from FuseBox with type A & AC Type RCD protection in one.

The miniature design of the FuseBox RCBO is just 83mm in height, the same size as an MCB. Providing a neater, more compact fit inside a consumer unit

The double pole design (switched Live and Neutral) offers the most comprehensive circuit protection available.

Available in current ratings that range from 6A to 40A and in B and C type tripping curves.


Key Features

  • Available in current rating options: 6A to 50A.
  • Terminal capacity:¬†1-16mm¬≤ L in, 1-10mm¬≤ Lout/Nout
  • mA rating: 30mA
  • Standard: BS EN 61009-1
  • IP rating: IP20
  • Material: PA6 (Nylon 6)
  • Voltage: 230V 50/60Hz