FuseBox RTAMB** B Curve Mini RCBOs - Type A


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FuseBox RTAMB** B Curve Mini RCBOs

Fusebox Compact Type A RCBO 

Fusebox RTAMB Mini RCBO

 Key Features
  • 1Pole + N switched¬†
  • Type A* - Sensitive to AC & Pulsating DC Faults¬†
  • Available in current ratings ranging from 6A to 40A¬†
  • 30mA B-Curve¬†
  • 6kA¬†
  • Compact in size¬†
  • Single Module width¬†
  • Terminal capacity: 1-16mm¬≤ L in, 1-10mm¬≤ L out¬†
  • Designed for use with Fusebox consumer unit

Small In Size, Big On Safety! 

These new compact Fusebox RCBO's are a great addition to the fusebox consumer unit range. 1P+N switched and Type "A" as standard means that they are suitable for most 18th edition installations and the compact size allows for even more wiring space and brings with it additional safety.  

The RTAMB compact RCBO benefits from Double Pole switching (Switched Live and Neutral) making it one of the safest devices to fit. It protects against both overcurrents due to overload and fault and residual current earth leakage. In either event, the RCBO interrupts the electrical supply to the circuit thus preventing damage to the installation and devices and electric shock to humans.

Fusebox Mini RCBO FAQ

The miniature design of the FuseBox RCBO is just 83mm in height, the same size as an MCB.


Yes it does.

 Fusebox Mini RCBO

Fusebox's Three Phase (TPN) consumer unit range is estimated to be available by the middle of 2023