FuseBox RTA06**30B B Curve Type A RCBOs


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FuseBox  RCBO - Type A

FuseBox RTA B Curve Type A RCBOs

Fusebox 6kA Type A RCBOs 

  • A Type for use on AC & Pulsating DC 
  • Single module width 
  • Standard din rail mounting into the consumer unit 
  • Available in 6A, 10A, 16A, 20A, 25A, 32A, 40A, 45A & 50A 
  • Designed to fit the "Fusebox" range of consumer unit
  • BS EN 61009-1 

The RTA fusebox Type A RCBO is designed for use in only a fusebox consumer unit. These single pole Type A RCBOs respond to both AC and pulsating DC residual currents and protect against both overcurrents due to overload and fault and residual current earth leakage. In either event, the RCBO interrupts the electrical supply to the circuit thus preventing damage to the installation and devices and electric shock to humans.

If you need any more information please take a look at our article on RCBOs :-)


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