FuseBox Main Switch consumer unit with Surge Protection Device

Fusebox Consumer Unit with SPD

FuseBox Main Switch Consumer Units With SPD

The Fusebox consumer unit range of circuit protection range protection devices offers flexible versatile solutions for 18th Edition electrical installations.

FuseBox surge protection metal consumer unit with a 100A rated MS (Main Switch) incomer and T2 SPD (Surge Protection Device). Surge protection consumer units provide formidable circuit protection against surge and overload. When fitted with additional RCBOs (Residual Current Circuit Breaker with Overload Protection) as an outgoing device, you also get residual current protection.

Available in 7 frame sizes ranging from 6 to 44 useable ways. FuseBox surge protected consumer units now come with an additional MCB that protects the SPD. This MCB takes up one of the useable ways but the SPD is now single pole, giving you an additional useable way.

They require additional outgoing devices such as MCBs (Miniature Circuit Breakers) or type A RCBOs.

Metal consumer units from Fusebox are constructed from steel and are 18th Edition compliant. Now available in large double row sizes with up to 29 useable ways.

Key Features

  • Available in 6 frame sizes that include: 6, 10, 14, 20, 21, 29 and 44 useable ways
    - 10 modules with 6 useable ways
    - 14 modules with 10 useable ways
    - 18 modules with 14 useable ways
    - 24 modules with 20 useable ways
    - 28 modules with 21 useable ways (double row)
    - 36 modules with 29 useable ways (double row)
  • 18th Edition Regulation Overload and Surge Protection compliant
  • Amendment 3 non-combustible, metal enclosure
  • Supplied with a 100A MS (Main Switch), busbar and din rail
  • Also fitted with an SPD (Surge Protection Device) incomer which is MCB protected
  • The MS¬†takes up 2 modules
  • The new SPD now only takes up 1 module (used to be 2 modules)
  • The MCB used to protect the SPD takes up 1 module
  • Now includes the ACCF tail clamp with all models apart from the double row 21 and 29 way boards
  • Tail clamps can be ordered separately for the double row boards
  • 1mm electro-galvanised steel (zinc)
  • Earth and neutral terminal bars at the top
  • Finish: White¬†RAL9001 powder-coated finish
  • Enclosure: Steel
  • Approved to:¬†BS EN61439-3
  • Manufacturer: FuseBox


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