Wiska Combi EC308 Earthing Plate (Pack of 2)

Wiska Combi EC308 Earthing Plate (Pack of 2)


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Wiska Combi EC308 Earthing Plate

Wiska EC308

The Wiska Combi EC308 allows a simple, quick and secure connection of cables into the 308/5 adaptable box removing the need to drill for the earth tag, whilst allowing you to maintain the full IP rating of the enclosure. 

  • Speeds up the installation of SWA cable 
  • Screw supplied to attached earth wire 
  • Supplied with screws to clamp on BW/CW cable gland - glands NOT included

The Wiska Combi EC308 Earthing Plate is a high-quality grounding solution designed to provide reliable and safe earthing connections in a wide range of electrical installations. This earthing plate is made from high-quality materials, ensuring that it can withstand harsh environmental conditions and remain durable over time.

The Wiska Combi EC308 Earthing Plate is easy to install and features a compact design that allows for quick and easy connection to your earthing system. It is designed to fit perfectly with Wiska Combi 308 enclosures, making it an ideal solution for electrical installations that require earthing.

This earthing plate provides a secure and long-lasting connection to your earthing system, ensuring that your electrical installations are safe and reliable. It is designed to be used with a range of different earthing systems and is suitable for use in a variety of applications.

The Wiska Combi EC308 Earthing Plate is an essential component for any electrical installation that requires earthing. It provides a safe and reliable way to connect your electrical system to the ground, protecting against electrical shock and ensuring that your installations are safe and compliant with regulations.