SWA SAB-GRO Selekt-A-Box Grommets


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SWA SAB-GRO Selekt-A-Box Grommets

SWA Selekt-A-Box Grommets


The Selekt A Box range from SWA is designed to give a selection of common consumables in handy, self contained carry cases.

The SAB-GRO is a selection box of open and closed grommets 20mm and 25mm.

  • 20mm - 25mm
  • Black Rubber
  • Open and Blind Grommets

SWA SAB-GRO Selekt-A-Box Grommets are the ideal solution for sealing holes and providing a neat finish in electrical enclosures. These grommets are designed to fit a wide range of cable sizes, making them a versatile option for many applications.

The SAB-GRO grommets are manufactured from high-quality TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) material, which provides excellent resistance to weather, oils, and chemicals. This makes them suitable for use in both indoor and outdoor environments, as well as in harsh industrial applications.

The Selekt-A-Box system allows you to quickly and easily select the right grommet for your application, with 6 different sizes available in each box. The grommets are color-coded for easy identification and come in a handy storage box that keeps them organized and easily accessible.

Installation is easy and straightforward, with the grommets simply pushed into the hole to create a tight seal. The flexible TPE material ensures a secure fit, while the multiple fins around the edges help to prevent the grommet from falling out.

Whether you are working on a commercial or residential project, SWA SAB-GRO Selekt-A-Box Grommets are a reliable and convenient solution for all of your cable sealing needs.