Super Rod SRSTH Jakoda Socket Tester Holder

Super Rod

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Super Rod SRSTH Jakoda Socket Tester Holder MFT socket nulling device built-in

Super Rod SRSTH 

Introducing the Super Rod Jakoda Socket Tester 3-Pin-Plug Holder with Karabiner Bag Hook – your ultimate solution for safe and convenient electrical testing. This versatile tool not only ensures the safety of your electrical outlets but also provides you with added convenience during your work.

With the Super Rod Jakoda Socket Tester, you can quickly and easily identify any faults or wiring issues in your sockets. Say goodbye to the hassle of manual testing and the risks of electric shocks. This handy device allows you to verify the correct wiring and grounding of your sockets with ease, giving you peace of mind and saving you valuable time.

One of the key benefits of the Socket Tester is its 3-pin-plug holder, which securely holds your plugs while you conduct your tests. No more fumbling with loose cables or struggling to keep everything organized. This innovative feature ensures that your testing process is streamlined and efficient, allowing you to focus on the task at hand.

Furthermore, the integrated karabiner bag hook offers an additional level of convenience. You can easily attach the Socket Tester to your belt, tool bag, or ladder, keeping it within arm's reach at all times. This eliminates the need to constantly search for your tester and provides you with quick access whenever you need it.

The Super Rod Jakoda Socket Tester is designed with your safety in mind. Its compact and durable construction ensures long-lasting performance, even in demanding work environments. You can trust this reliable tool to withstand the rigors of daily use and provide accurate results every time.

Take control of your electrical testing with the Super Rod Jakoda Socket Tester 3-Pin-Plug Holder with Karabiner Bag Hook. Upgrade your toolbox today and experience the benefits of enhanced safety and convenience.


3-pin-plug holder for secure plug storage during testing
Integrated karabiner bag hook for easy attachment and access
Compact and durable construction for long-lasting performance
Reliable and accurate testing results
Suitable for a variety of work environments




Super Rod
Guarantee 1 Year
Product type Socket Testers
Contains Socket Tester