Super Rod SRGG Gekko Gripper Magnetic Cable

Super Rod

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Gekko Gripper Magnetic Cable

Super Rod SRGG

  • Route cable under floors, over ceilings and through Dot & Dab walls for efficient installations.
  • Coil or uncoil the cord within seconds, saving time on the job
  • Wide magnetic surface securing a strong grip
  • Store in a convenient, reusable tube that easily attaches magnetically to the interior of your van
  • Use the magnets as a built-in stud finder

Streamline your cable installations with the Super Rod SRGG Gekko Gripper Magnetic Cable. Easily maneuver through floors, ceilings, and walls with the strong magnetic grip. Coiling and uncoiling the cord is a breeze, saving you time on the job. Plus, the convenient reusable tube attaches magnetically to your van for storage.



Brand Super Rod
Colour Black/Red
Dimensions (L)6 m
Guarantee 1 Year
Kit Contents 1 x 6m Heavy Duty Nylon Cord with a Flat Magnet – 1 x Reel Grip with Magnet – 1 x Mini Eye & Ring
Length 6m
Packaging Types Pack
Weight 0.125kg