Niglon AEC2/3 50 to 75mm Damp Condition Earth Clamp

Niglon AEC2/3 50 to 75mm Damp Condition Earth Clamp


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Niglon AEC2/3 50 to 75mm Damp Condition Earth Clamp (Sold in 1's)

50 to 75mm Damp Condition Earth Clamp (Sold in 1's)

Niglon AEC2/3

  • Damp condition clamps
  • Blue coded
  • Maximum conductor 1 x 10mm²

When it comes to securing earth connections in demanding and damp conditions, the Niglon AEC2/3 Earth Clamp stands as the ultimate solution. This high-performance earth clamp is engineered to thrive in challenging environments, ensuring safety and reliability for your grounding system, even in the harshest of conditions.

Key Features:

  1. Damp Condition Mastery: The Niglon AEC2/3 Earth Clamp is specifically designed to excel in damp or humid conditions, making it the perfect choice for outdoor installations, marine environments, and any area prone to moisture.

  2. Impressive Size Range: This versatile earth clamp accommodates cable and pipe sizes ranging from 50mm to 75mm, offering unparalleled flexibility in your grounding applications.

  3. Rock-Solid Connections: Engineered with a robust and secure screw-type connection, the AEC2/3 guarantees a steadfast electrical connection, ensuring the effectiveness of your grounding system, no matter the environmental challenges.

  4. Corrosion-Proof Design: Crafted from top-quality, corrosion-resistant materials, this earth clamp is built to resist the corrosive effects of damp and challenging conditions, promising long-term reliability and safety.

  5. Simple Installation: The user-friendly design and straightforward installation process ensure that electricians and technicians can securely fasten earth connections efficiently and without hassle.

  6. Compliance and Certification: The Niglon AEC2/3 Earth Clamp complies with stringent industry standards and safety regulations, providing unwavering confidence in its performance and durability.


The Niglon AEC2/3 50 to 75mm Damp Condition Earth Clamp is a critical component for a wide range of demanding applications, including:

  • Marine and coastal electrical installations
  • Grounding and earthing systems in damp or wet environments
  • Agricultural and industrial machinery exposed to moisture
  • Outdoor lighting and electrical systems
  • Utility and infrastructure installations in challenging conditions
  • Residential and commercial setups requiring rock-solid grounding


In the realm of securing earth connections within demanding and damp environments, the Niglon AEC2/3 Damp Condition Earth Clamp takes the lead. With its exceptional damp condition resilience, extensive size range, secure connections, corrosion-proof construction, and easy installation, it guarantees the effectiveness and safety of your grounding system, even in the toughest conditions. When you choose Niglon, you're choosing unwavering quality and dependability in electrical components, promising peace of mind for your grounding solutions.




Cable Size Range 1.0 - 10mm²
Colour Blue
Colour Coded Yes
Guarantee 1 Year
Material Bronze
Packaging Types Each
Pipe Diameter 50 - 75mm
Standards BS 951
Type Earth Clamps
Unspsc V18 39121613
Weight 0.7kg