Kewtech PAT Testing Logbook

Kewtech PAT Testing Logbook


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PAT Testing Logbook

Keep track of your Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) results with the Kewtech PAT Testing Logbook. This logbook features a durable cover and is wire-bound for easy use on site. It includes columns for recording test results, equipment details, and any notes or comments, making it easy to keep a comprehensive record of your PAT testing.

The Kewtech PAT Testing Logbook is designed for use by electricians, maintenance professionals, and other individuals responsible for testing and maintaining electrical equipment. It is an essential tool for ensuring that your equipment remains safe and compliant with regulations, and can also help you to identify any potential issues or defects before they become serious problems.

With its clear layout and easy-to-use design, the Kewtech PAT Testing Logbook is a valuable resource for anyone involved in electrical maintenance or testing. Keep your testing results organized and up-to-date with this convenient logbook.

For manually logging your test results - provides 1 professional results sheet for your customer and a duplicate one for your records.

Product Information


  • Manually logs your test results - provides a professional results sheet for your customer
  • Duplicate sheets - enable you to keep a second recordĀ 
  • Ideal for multiple site use
  • A4 pad of 50
  • Designed to be used with manual Pat Testers for multiple site useĀ