Hager VML110 10 Way RCBO Consumer Unit

Hager VML110 10 Way RCBO Consumer Unit


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Hager VML110 10 Way RCBO Consumer Unit

Hager VML110 10 Way 100A RCBO Consumer Unit

Hager VML110

  • Supplied with a full metal DIN rail, 63A or 100A switch disconnector incomer and full complement of earth and neutral terminals along with marking labels, busbar and instructions
  • Complies with BS EN 61439-3 Annex ZB

Introducing the Hager VML110 10 Way RCBO Consumer Unit: Modern Electrical Distribution with Safety and Convenience

In the world of residential and small-scale commercial electrical installations, safety, reliability, and ease of use are paramount. The Hager VML110 10 Way RCBO Consumer Unit is a testament to the evolution of electrical distribution systems, offering you a modern solution that prioritizes safety and convenience. This consumer unit is your gateway to efficient and secure power management.

Key Features:

  1. Ample Capacity: The Hager VML110 is equipped with ten available ways, providing ample space for circuit breakers and protection devices. This allows you to manage multiple electrical circuits and appliances from a single, organized point.

  2. Built-in RCBO Protection: Every individual circuit within this consumer unit is protected by its own Residual Current Circuit Breaker with Overcurrent (RCBO). This advanced technology not only guards against overcurrents but also detects ground faults, ensuring enhanced safety for your entire electrical network.

  3. Modular Design: The VML110's modular design makes installation and maintenance a breeze. It allows for quick and efficient circuit additions, alterations, or replacements, saving you time and effort.

  4. Transparent Cover: The clear, hinged cover of the consumer unit provides visual access to the circuit breakers and connections. This transparency simplifies circuit identification and troubleshooting, streamlining your maintenance tasks.

  5. Ample Wiring Space: With an increased wiring space, the VML110 allows for easy and secure cable management. Wiring is neatly organized, minimizing the risk of accidental damage and ensuring a tidy electrical installation.

  6. Conformity and Certification: Hager is dedicated to compliance with industry standards and safety regulations. The VML110 consumer unit is rigorously tested and certified, assuring you that it adheres to the highest quality and safety benchmarks.

  7. Flexibility: Whether it's for a residential home or a small commercial space, this consumer unit is versatile and adaptable to various electrical distribution scenarios. It's the perfect fit for your modern power management needs.

  8. Easy Installation: Designed with ease of installation in mind, the Hager VML110 comes with clear instructions and all the necessary components. This simplifies the setup process, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free installation.

The Hager VML110 10 Way RCBO Consumer Unit is the choice of discerning electricians, homeowners, and facility managers who prioritize the utmost safety and efficiency in their electrical systems. With Hager, you can rely on a trusted brand to safeguard your electrical network.

Upgrade your power management and experience the convenience of modern electrical distribution with the Hager VML110. Make the smart choice for your home or small business. Invest in the Hager VML110 10 Way RCBO Consumer Unit today and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with quality and safety.




Current Rating 100A
Depth 100mm
Dimensions (H)245 mm x (W)297 mm x (D)100 mm
Door Type Top Hinged
Guarantee 1 Year
Height 245mm
IP Rating IP2XC
Incoming Device 100A Isolator
Mounting Surface
Number of Outgoing Ways 10
Packaging Types Each
Product Range Switch Disconnector
Standards BS EN 61439
Surge Protection Fitted No
Surge Protection Ready No
Type Enclosure
Unspsc V18 39121110
Weight 2.6kg
Width 297mm