Grommet Strip 1.2-1.6mm 25M Pack -

Grommet Strip 1.2-1.6mm 25M Pack

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Grommet Strip 1.2-1.6mm

Flexible polyethylene strip ideal for protecting sharp edges of panels, cut-outs or holes ensuring a good grip on panels with a thickness of between 1.2 - 1.6mm without the need of adhesives or special tools.

The Grommet Strip 1.2-1.6mm 25M Pack is an essential accessory for protecting and organizing your electrical cables. Made from durable materials, this grommet strip provides reliable and long-lasting protection against damage, wear, and abrasion to your cables.

With a diameter of 1.2-1.6mm, this grommet strip is ideal for use in various applications, including automotive, marine, and industrial settings. The strip is also flexible, making it easy to bend and shape to fit your specific needs.

The pack contains 25 meters of pre-punched grommet strip, making it easy to install and customize according to your requirements. The strip features pre-punched holes at regular intervals, which allows for easy and precise installation of your cables.

This grommet strip is also weather-resistant, making it suitable for use in outdoor or harsh environments where exposure to moisture, dust, or extreme temperatures may be a concern. Its durable construction ensures reliable performance and long-lasting protection for your cables.

In summary, if you need a reliable and long-lasting solution for protecting and organizing your electrical cables, the Grommet Strip 1.2-1.6mm 25M Pack is an excellent choice. So why wait? Order your pack today and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having your cables protected and organized.

Helpful for installation in a consumer unit

Operating temperature: -60°C to +55°C