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FuseBox ACCF Tail Clamp


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Fusebox ACCF Tails Clamp

FuseBox Tail Clamp

Fusebox ACCF

Looking for a reliable and sturdy tail clamp? Look no further than the FuseBox ACCF Tail Clamp! Made from high-quality materials, this tail clamp is designed to provide a secure and reliable connection for your electrical cables. It features a compact design that allows for easy installation and compatibility with a wide range of electrical installations.

Designed to meet the demands of modern electrical installations, this tail clamp is built to last. It is manufactured from high-quality materials that offer exceptional durability and reliability. This ensures that you can trust this clamp to provide a secure connection for your cables for years to come.

In summary, the FuseBox ACCF Tail Clamp is a reliable and durable solution for your electrical connections. It offers exceptional performance, easy installation, and compatibility with a wide range of electrical installations. So why wait? Upgrade your electrical connections with the FuseBox ACCF Tail Clamp today!

Tail clamp designed to clamp the incoming live and neutral tails (up to 25mm)

Fits the Fusebox range of consumer unit.