FuseBox RTA801002 DP RCD A TYPE 80A 100mA

FuseBox RTA801002 DP RCD A TYPE 80A 100mA


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FuseBox RTA801002 DP RCD A TYPE 80A 100mA

FuseBox RTA801002 Double Pole RCD A TYPE 80A 100mA

FuseBox RTA801002

Introducing the FuseBox RTA801002 DP RCD A TYPE 80A 100mA: Unrivaled Safety in Every Current

In the realm of electrical safety, the FuseBox RTA801002 DP RCD A TYPE 80A 100mA stands as a beacon of reliability and precision. More than just a device, this double-pole Residual Current Device (RCD) is a formidable guardian, ensuring unparalleled safety in your electrical circuits. Crafted to the highest standards, it redefines the benchmark for circuit protection.

Key Features:

  1. A-Type Precision: Engineered as an "A-Type" RCD, this device excels in detecting alternating sinusoidal fault currents. Its precision is unmatched, providing a reliable shield against a diverse range of electrical faults, safeguarding you and your electrical installations.

  2. Double-Pole Assurance: Featuring a double-pole configuration, this RCD adeptly manages both live and neutral conductors simultaneously. In the face of a fault, power is swiftly disconnected from both sides, amplifying overall safety and fortifying your circuits.

  3. Robust 80A Capacity: With a formidable capacity of up to 80 amperes, the RTA801002 is built to handle substantial electrical loads. Its robust design makes it suitable for a spectrum of applications, spanning from residential setups to industrial environments.

  4. 100mA Sensitivity: Set at a sensitivity of 100mA (milliamperes), this RCD is finely tuned to detect even the smallest electrical faults. Its rapid response ensures prompt disconnection, mitigating the risk of electric shock or fire.

  5. Resettable Convenience: In the event of an RCD trip, the RTA801002 boasts a resettable mechanism, allowing for swift restoration of power once the fault has been rectified. This feature streamlines the process, eliminating the need for manual intervention.

  6. DIN Rail Mountable: Designed for effortless installation on DIN rails, a widely adopted standard in electrical distribution boards. This ensures seamless compatibility with diverse electrical systems, making it a versatile and adaptable addition to your circuits.

  7. Quality Assured: The FuseBox RTA801002 is meticulously crafted to not just meet but exceed industry standards. Your investment in this RCD guarantees a product that prioritizes quality, ensuring a robust and safe electrical component.

  8. Professional-Grade Security: Whether you're a seasoned electrician, an engineering professional, or a conscientious homeowner, this RCD is an indispensable asset, offering professional-grade protection against electrical faults.

The FuseBox RTA801002 DP RCD A TYPE 80A 100mA transcends the realm of a mere electrical device; it embodies safety and reliability within your circuits. It stands as an unwavering guardian, providing the confidence and assurance you need when working with electrical systems.

Elevate your electrical circuits with a product that harmonizes precision engineering and cutting-edge safety features. Choose the FuseBox RTA801002 RCD and experience the peace of mind that comes with top-tier circuit protection. Invest in this essential electrical guardian today to fortify your circuits and enhance overall safety.