FuseBox RTA100302 DP RCD A TYPE 100A 30mA

FuseBox RTA100302 DP RCD A TYPE 100A 30mA


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FuseBox RTA100302 DP RCD A TYPE 100A 30mA

FuseBox RTA100302 Double Pole RCD A TYPE 100A 30mA

FuseBox RTA100302

Introducing the FuseBox RTA100302 DP RCD A TYPE 100A 30mA: Your Safety Guardian in Electrical Circuits

In the world of electrical safety, precision and reliability are non-negotiable. The FuseBox RTA100302 DP RCD A TYPE 100A 30mA isn't just an electrical component; it's a guardian of safety in your electrical circuits. This double-pole Residual Current Device (RCD) sets new standards in ensuring that your electrical installations are safeguarded against faults and potential hazards.

Key Features:

  1. A-Type Precision: The RTA100302 is an "A-Type" RCD, which means it is designed to detect alternating sinusoidal fault currents. It offers precise and reliable protection against a wide range of electrical fault scenarios, ensuring that you and your electrical installations remain secure.

  2. Dual-Pole Design: With a double-pole configuration, this RCD is equipped to manage both live and neutral conductors simultaneously. This comprehensive approach to circuit protection ensures that even in the event of a fault, power is disconnected from both sides, enhancing overall safety.

  3. Robust 100A Capacity: The RTA100302 is built to handle heavy electrical loads, with a capacity of up to 100 amperes. This robust capability makes it suitable for a variety of applications, from domestic setups to industrial environments.

  4. 30mA Sensitivity: Sensitivity to fault currents is set at 30mA (milliamperes). This level of sensitivity is designed to rapidly detect even the smallest electrical faults, ensuring swift disconnection to prevent electric shock or fires.

  5. Resettable: In the event of an RCD trip, the RTA100302 features a resettable mechanism, allowing you to easily restore power once the fault has been addressed. This convenience eliminates the need for manual resetting, saving you time and effort.

  6. DIN Rail Mountable: The RCD is designed for easy installation on DIN rails, a common standard in electrical distribution boards. This ensures compatibility with various electrical systems, making it versatile and adaptable.

  7. Quality Assurance: The FuseBox RTA100302 is crafted to meet or exceed industry standards, providing peace of mind that you're investing in a high-quality and safe electrical component.

  8. Professional-Grade Protection: Whether you're an electrician, an engineer, or a homeowner, this RCD is an essential addition to your electrical circuit to guarantee professional-grade protection against electrical faults.

The FuseBox RTA100302 DP RCD A TYPE 100A 30mA is more than just an electrical component; it's a symbol of safety and reliability in your electrical circuits. It's your guardian against electrical faults, ensuring your peace of mind as you work with electrical systems.

Elevate your electrical installations with a product that combines precision engineering and safety features. Choose the FuseBox RTA100302 RCD and experience the confidence that comes with professional-grade electrical protection. Invest in this essential electrical guardian today and make your circuits safer and more secure.