FuseBox F2048E 48 Module Metal Enclosure

FuseBox F2048E 48 Module Metal Enclosure


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FuseBox F1004E 4 Module Metal Enclosure

FuseBox F2048E 48 Way Metal Enclosure

FuseBox F2048E

The FuseBox F2048E 48 Module Metal Enclosure is the ultimate solution for electrical installations that require a high level of protection and durability. This robust enclosure is made from high-quality metal, providing superior protection against the elements, impact, and other hazards. With its 48 module capacity, the FuseBox F2048E offers ample space for a variety of electrical components and devices, making it a versatile and reliable choice for any electrical installation.

The enclosure is also designed with safety in mind, featuring an innovative locking mechanism that provides secure access to the components inside. With its sleek and durable design, the FuseBox F2048E is the perfect choice for anyone looking to upgrade their electrical installations. Order now and experience the superior protection and durability of the FuseBox F2048E 48 Module Metal Enclosure.

The FuseBox F2048E is an empty 48 way metal consumer unit enclosure allows for configurations including mains switches, RDCs, RCBOs, MCBs and more.

  • fusebox 48 useable way consumer unit enclosure
  • Earth & Neutral Bar
  • Tail Clamp
  • Busbar
  • AMD Complaint
  • Standard Din Rail
  • 25mm & 32mm knockouts top and bottom