FuseBox F2029MX 29 Way RCBO Consumer Unit With SPD


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FuseBox RCBO Consumer Unit F2029MX 29 Usable Way Main Switch Board With SPD

FuseBox RCBO Consumer Unit F2029MX 29 Usable Way With SPD

FuseBox F2029MX

The FuseBox F2029MX 29 Way RCBO Consumer Unit with SPD is an innovative and reliable electrical protection solution for your home or business. With 29 available ways and built-in surge protection, this consumer unit is designed to keep your electrical system safe and secure. When populated with RCBO protection, this will help detect and trip the circuit in case of overload, short circuit, or earth fault, preventing electrical hazards and fires.

Additionally, the unit comes equipped with a built-in SPD (surge protection device) that protects your system from voltage spikes and surges, ensuring stable and reliable performance. The FuseBox F2029MX features Type A tripping characteristics, making it capable of detecting both AC and pulsating DC faults for comprehensive protection. Its metal enclosure is sturdy and easy to install, providing a long-lasting solution for your electrical protection needs. Invest in the FuseBox F2029MX 29 Way RCBO Consumer Unit with SPD for peace of mind and maximum safety.

The CP fusebox circuit protection range of metal consumer units and protection devices, offers flexible versatile solutions for 18th Edition electrical installations. 

Double bank design offers 29 usable ways and is ideal for situations where a larger board is required but space is at a premium.

  • 100A DP incomer
  • Built in Fusebox T2 Surge Protection Device¬†
  • Fusebox 29 Usable Ways (split 14 + 15 ways) RCBO consumer unit
  • Captive Screws now standard on the front cover¬†
  • Grommet Strip now included
  • Optional tails clamp
  • Label pack

Dimensions mm H508 x W378 x D116 

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