FuseBox F2021MX 21 Way RCBO Consumer Unit SPD


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FuseBox RCBO Consumer Unit F2021MX 21 Usable Way Main Switch Board With SPD

FuseBox F2021MX 21 Way RCBO Consumer Unit With SPD

Fusebox F2021MX

 Key Features
  • Supplied with a 100A Main Switch, busbar & din rail
  • Built in T2 Fusebox Surge Protection Device incomer which is MCB protected
  • Captive Screws now standard on the front cover
  • Grommet Strip included
  • 18th Edition Regulation Overload and Surge Protection compliant
  • Amendment 3 non-combustible, metal enclosure
  • The MCB used to protect the SPD takes up 1 module
  • ACCF tail clamp included
  • Earth and neutral terminal bars at the top

Elevate your electrical distribution to the highest levels of safety and protection with the FuseBox F2021MX 21 Way RCBO Consumer Unit featuring an integrated Surge Protective Device (SPD). This innovative consumer unit is engineered to meet the demands of modern residential, commercial, and industrial electrical systems, offering a comprehensive solution for managing your circuits with confidence.

Key Features:

  1. 21 Way Configuration: This consumer unit boasts a spacious 21-way configuration, accommodating a multitude of circuits. Whether you're managing a complex residential system, a bustling commercial space, or a demanding industrial environment, this unit provides ample space for all your electrical needs.

  2. Robust and Durable Construction: The F2021MX is constructed from high-quality materials, designed to withstand harsh conditions, including temperature fluctuations and potential impacts. Its rugged build ensures durability and dependable performance.

  3. Effortless Installation: The consumer unit's user-friendly design streamlines the installation process for electricians. With generous cable space and knockout points for efficient cable entry, installation becomes a breeze, saving you time and effort.

  4. Effective Cable Management: Integrated cable management features reduce cable clutter and ensure a clean and organized setup. This enhances both the aesthetics of your installation and simplifies maintenance and troubleshooting.

  5. Compliance and Certification: Safety and compliance are paramount. The F2021MX adheres to industry standards and is certified to meet essential electrical safety norms. You can rely on its quality and safety for your installations.

  6. FuseBox Excellence: FuseBox has a long-standing reputation for quality and innovation in electrical solutions, and the F2021MX is no exception. It is a trusted choice among professional electricians and consumers seeking top-tier performance and safety.


The FuseBox F2021MX 21 Way RCBO Consumer Unit With SPD is suitable for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Residential electrical distribution systems with sensitive electronics
  • Commercial offices, retail spaces, and buildings with valuable equipment
  • Industrial facilities and machinery installations with sensitive control systems
  • Hospitality settings with diverse electrical requirements
  • Healthcare and medical facilities with critical electrical systems
  • Educational institutions with sophisticated electrical infrastructure


For comprehensive electrical distribution, unmatched safety, and the protection of sensitive electronics, the FuseBox F2021MX 21 Way RCBO Consumer Unit With SPD is your ultimate choice. Its advanced RCBO technology, spacious configuration, integrated SPD, robust construction, and user-friendly design make it a versatile solution for various applications. Trust in the quality and reliability of FuseBox, and elevate your electrical distribution system to a new level of safety and protection.

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Fusebox F2021MX FAQ

Height - 512mm. Width - 306mm. Depth - 113mm


Yes it does.

 Fusebox F2021MX Manual

FuseBox consumer units are manufactured by CP Electric Ltd. A relative newcomer to the circuit protection sector, but they are certainly setting the pace. They Prove a comprehensive level of protection that also includes surge to meet the demands of the latest Amendment 2 Wiring Regulations.

Fusebox's Three Phase (TPN) consumer unit range is estimated to be available by the middle of 2023