FuseBox MT06C**1 C Curve MCBs


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FuseBox C Curve MCBs

FuseBox C Curve MCBs

The FuseBox C Curve MCBs are advanced circuit protection devices designed to provide reliable protection against overcurrents and short circuits. With their superior circuit protection technology and durable construction, these MCBs are the perfect choice for upgrading your electrical system with the latest in circuit protection technology.

The C Curve rating of these MCBs means that they are specifically designed to protect against high inrush currents, making them ideal for use in commercial and industrial settings. Their advanced circuit protection technology ensures accurate and reliable protection against all types of electrical disturbances, while their durable construction ensures long-lasting performance and resilience.

  • 18th Edition compliant
  • 32A
  • C curve
  • 6kA
  • Single pole
  • Fusebox MCB
  • BS EN 60898-1