FuseBox AFMF24 24 Module Flush Mounting Frame Kit


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FuseBox AFMF24 24 Module Flush Mounting Frame Kit

FuseBox AFMF24 24 Module Flush Mounting Frame

FuseBox AFMF24

Upgrade your electrical installations with the FuseBox AFMF24 24 Module Flush Mounting Frame Kit, a sleek and practical solution for housing circuit breakers, RCDs (Residual Current Devices), and other modular components. This frame kit is designed to offer a seamless and space-saving solution for electrical distribution, ensuring both functionality and aesthetics.

Key Features:

  1. Spacious 24 Module Capacity: The AFMF24 frame kit provides a generous capacity for accommodating up to 24 electrical modules. This ample space allows for versatile customization of your electrical distribution, whether for residential, commercial, or industrial applications.

  2. Flush Mount Design: The flush mounting design ensures a clean and streamlined appearance. It seamlessly integrates into walls or enclosures, creating a polished and professional look for your electrical installations.

  3. Durable Construction: Crafted from high-quality materials, the frame kit is designed to endure the rigors of everyday electrical use. Its sturdy construction ensures the longevity of your electrical distribution setup.

  4. Efficient Cable Management: The frame kit features built-in cable management options, making it easier to organize and route wiring neatly. This not only enhances the aesthetics but also simplifies maintenance and troubleshooting.

  5. User-Friendly Installation: Electricians will appreciate the frame kit's straightforward installation process, saving time and effort during setup. The kit includes clear instructions for convenient mounting.

  6. Adaptable Configuration: The modular design of the kit allows you to configure it to your specific requirements, enabling flexible arrangements and layouts to suit your needs.

  7. Certified Quality: The FuseBox AFMF24 is compliant with industry standards and safety regulations, offering peace of mind regarding its reliability and performance.


The FuseBox AFMF24 24 Module Flush Mounting Frame Kit is ideal for various applications, including:

  • Residential electrical distribution panels
  • Commercial electrical enclosures and control panels
  • Industrial machinery and equipment enclosures
  • Retail and hospitality electrical installations
  • Educational and institutional electrical systems
  • Healthcare and medical facility electrical distribution


When it comes to efficient and aesthetically pleasing electrical distribution, the FuseBox AFMF24 24 Module Flush Mounting Frame Kit is the ultimate choice. With its spacious module capacity, flush mounting design, durable construction, and efficient cable management, it offers a practical and professional solution for various applications. Trust in FuseBox's reputation for quality and innovation to enhance the functionality and appearance of your electrical installations.