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Fusebox TPN04FB Three Phase Consumer Unit

Fusebox TPN Boards

The product every electrical contractor has been waiting for? Fusebox finally gave a sneak peek into their TPN board range this weekend. The images have gone viral this weekend. Within minutes of uploading the high quality instagram reel, there were shares, likes, comments all in antipication for Fusebox entering the three phase consumer unit scene.

We've known for a long time this was coming, in early October we had the first glimpse of the product, see below.

Fusebox TPN04FB Three Phase Consumer Unit

Four months later and we now know the release is imminent. The closer we get the more details are revealed, but here is all you need to know so far.

Fusebox (TPN) Three Phase Boards

  • A full range of three phase consumer units, all sizes and of course we know these boards will fit effortlessely into their already remarkable consumer unit range.
  • Type 2 Surge Protection will be included as standard.
  • Main Switch Isolators 125 Amp as standard.
  • Single Phase Conversion Kit
  • Triple Pole Surge Protection Device
  • 4 Pole Type A RCD 30mA and 100mA
  • 10kA B and C curve RCBOs
  • Extension Boxes

Fusebox as you would expect have produced a product range that is a high standard, will be hugely popular and we really believe will become the nation's number one choice for TPN boards.

As mentioned above the majority of Fusebox TPN boards will be fitted with a Type 2 Surge Protection Device and a 125 Amp main switch as standard. Although there will be basic versions of the consumer unit without SPD. The size range of these three phase consumer units is believed to range between 3 and 16 ways.

Fusebox have announced this weekend more details will be released on March 1st 2023 about their TPN board range. We for sure have set our timers for the countdown and will of course add to this article when more information is released.

Fusebox TPN04FB Three Phase Consumer Unit

Please do keep up to date with our socials. This way you will find out the minute they arrive and can be delivered next day to electricians across the land!

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