Fusebox - Everything you need to know

CP Fusebox

FuseBox is manufactured by CP Electric Ltd. As a relative newcomer to the circuit protection market they have quickly become the favoured board to thousands of electricians across the UK. They are a very modern company, everything from their eye catching packaging, top quality marketing content and being up to date with all regulations are major reasons why they are becoming the go to consumer unit brand. They provide a fully comprehensive level of protection that ranges from double pole RCBO's, surge protection and they released their single module AFDD this year (2022). Later on this year they are releasing their three phase commercial range, we are looking forward to that!
CP Fusebox Logo

Where are FuseBox made?

As mentioned they are manufactured by CP Electric LTD and they are based in Kilmarnock. Their full address is Fusebox, Moorfield Industrial Estate, Kilmarnock KA2 0BA.

Are their consumer units any good?

Fusebox boards are quite simply sensational. They have a great build quality and any review you find online or on YouTube you will see how highly they are regarded with electricians across Britain. In 2020 was when CP fusebox really took the market by storm and became 'main stream'. The rapid growth of this business was like nothing we had seen before in our many years in the electrical wholesale world, but this was not by luck. The guys at Fusebox put together a product that suited electricians. Through their first phases they listened to their customers and feedback then improved the product. By listening to their audience they managed to build a rapport with customers beyond what their competitors had. Their social media presence was huge, everywhere you looked there was an install of a Fusebox consumer unit. The recent image they shared online sums up everything we have just said.Fusebox Consumer Units - Making Electricians Smile

Please see the full range of consumer units and accessories below. https://www.fusebox.shop/