Fusebox Consumer Unit Range


CP Fusebox

The Fusebox range of 18th edition compliant consumer units and distribution products. Fusebox manufacture a wide range of low voltage electrical distribution and safety products, including surge protection devices – SPD’s, A type RCBO’s, contactors etc, and now include Arc Fault Detection Devices or AFDDs

The FuseBox brand has become a a popular choice amongst electricians all over the UK, and is well known for it’s price-per-performance ratio, providing good quality distribution solutions with competitive prices in the consumer unit market, as well as offering options that help you stay compliant with the 18th edition wiring regulations. Fusebox consumer unit and accessories offers a great alternative to other brands such as MK, Hager, Danson, LIVE, Chint, Hamilton,  Wylex, Crabtree, CGD & Lewden.

FuseBox offer RCD, RCBO and MCB options, and standard AC devices as well as Type A RCBO’s and RCD’s. Their boards are available from 2 to 28 usable ways. Fusebox also offer a wide range of accessories including glanding options, tail clamps, metal plastic and din rail mounted blanks, bell transformers, contactors, timers and lock off kits. Fusebox type A RCBO’s and type A RCD’s are becoming an increasingly popular option, partly as more electric vehicle charging EVC points are being installed around the UK. The new Fusebox compact RCBOs are type A & double pole as standard adding additional safety and the new Fusebox Arc Fault Detection Devices are now in stock.

CP Electric are constantly working to evolve and improve the FuseBox range and continue to gain great feedback and reviews from those in the electrical industry and with new products including consumer units which are fitted with the new single module Surge Protection Device thus increasing the number of usable ways in the units. Type A mini Double Pole RCBOs are also now available offering a better level of safety and an increase in wiring space. The recent launch of the Fusebox AFDD Arc Fault Detection Devices promise to be a gamechanger for the already popular Fusebox range and offering additional safety for householders.