Wago 207-1431 Gel Box for 221 Series


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Enclose Gel Box for 221/2273 Series

Wago 207-1431

  • Easy, fast and safe to use
  • Can be used immediately and accessed again later
  • Silicon-free
  • Label-free
  • Suitable for indefinite storage
  • The complete system consisting of WAGO's gelboxes and splicing connectors has been VDE-tested and IPX8-certified.

If you're looking for a reliable and easy-to-use enclosure for your 221 series electrical connections, the Wago 207-1431 Gel Box is the perfect solution. This enclosure is designed to provide a secure and weatherproof seal around your electrical connections, protecting them from moisture, dust, and other harmful elements.

The Wago 207-1431 Gel Box is constructed with a durable and high-quality material that ensures long-lasting performance. The compact and lightweight design makes it easy to install in tight spaces, and the clear cover allows for easy inspection of your connections without having to open the enclosure.

The gel filling of the enclosure provides a secure and reliable seal around your connections. This not only provides protection from the elements, but it also helps to reduce the risk of damage to your electrical connections from vibration or movement.

This Wago Gel Box is perfect for use in a wide range of electrical applications, including lighting, control panels, and junction boxes. Its simple and reliable design makes it a popular choice for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.

In conclusion, if you need a secure and weatherproof enclosure for your 221 series electrical connections, the Wago 207-1431 Gel Box is the ideal solution. Its high-quality construction, compact size, and easy installation make it a reliable and convenient choice for all of your electrical needs.




Brand Wago
Colour Grey
Depth 32mm
Dimensions (L)21.3 mm x (W)40.1 mm x (D)38 mm
Guarantee 1 Year
Length 21.3mm
Packaging Types Each
Product Range WAGOBOX
Weight 27.8g