FuseBox SPDCUT2 SPD with 32A MCB Kit


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FuseBox SPDCUT2 Surge Protection Device SPD with 32A MCB Kit

FuseBox SPDCUT2 Surge Protection Device

Designed for use in FuseBox consumer units, this Type 2 Surge Protection device suitable for TNC-S, TNC and TT systems.

The fusebox kit comes complete with a 32 amp MCB 3 fly lead cables for quick and easy installation and features a replaceable cartridge.

The FuseBox SPDCUT2 SPD with 32A MCB Kit is the ultimate solution for protecting your electrical devices from power surges and spikes. The kit includes a powerful Surge Protection Device (SPD) that safeguards your equipment from harmful electrical disturbances caused by lightning strikes, power outages, and other sudden changes in electrical current. Additionally, the kit features a 32A Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB) that provides further protection against overloading and short circuits, ensuring your devices are always safe and secure.

Designed with quality in mind, the FuseBox SPDCUT2 SPD with 32A MCB Kit features a compact, user-friendly design that makes installation a breeze. The kit is engineered to meet the latest electrical safety standards, with advanced circuit protection technology and a durable outer casing that is both fire-resistant and highly durable. Whether you're a homeowner, business owner, or DIY enthusiast, this kit is the perfect choice for anyone looking to protect their valuable electrical equipment from unexpected power surges.

Upgrade your electrical system today with the FuseBox SPDCUT2 SPD with 32A MCB Kit and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your devices are protected by the latest in surge protection and circuit protection technology. With this kit, you can rest easy knowing your electrical equipment is always safe and secure.

Key Features

  • Comprises SPDCUT2 SPD module + 32A MCB
  • Supplied with E,N&L 6mm cables
  • Terminal Capacity 6-16mm2
  • Din Rail Mounted into consumer unit
  • Installation instructions & device sticker included
  • Flag indicator Green = Good Red = Replace
  • Suitable for TN, TNC-S, TNC and TT systems.