FuseBox EV40A EV Charger Supply Unit 40A

FuseBox EV40A EV Charger Supply Unit 40A


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FuseBox EV40A EV Charger Supply Unit 40A

FuseBox EV40A EV Charger Distribution Board 40A

FuseBox EV40A

Key Features
  • 100A main switch incomer
  • 40A Type A Double Pole¬†RCBO
  • Removable DIN rail
  • Easy to remove round knock-outs on all sides
  • Captive screws on the front cover

The FuseBox EV40A EV Charger Supply Unit 40A is the ultimate solution for electric vehicle owners who want the fastest and most efficient way to charge their cars. This top-of-the-line charger unit is capable of providing up to 40 amps of power, allowing you to charge your car in a fraction of the time compared to standard chargers. The unit is designed with advanced safety features, including circuit protection technology and a fire-resistant outer casing, giving you peace of mind while you charge.

The FuseBox EV40A EV Charger Supply Unit 40A is also easy to install and use, with a range of user-friendly features to make the charging process as simple and convenient as possible. With its sleek design and cutting-edge performance, this EV charger unit is the perfect choice for anyone looking to upgrade their EV charging capabilities. Upgrade your charging experience with the FuseBox EV40A EV Charger Supply Unit 40A and enjoy fast, efficient, and safe charging for your electric vehicle.

The FuseBox EV40A is a consumer unit designed to provide the supply and protection to an electric vehicle (EV) charging point. It comes complete with a 100A main switch isolator and 40A Type A RCBO

The CP fusebox range includes main switch, dual RCD, electric vehicle and isolation consumer units along with a range of devices such as RCBOs, MCBs, AFDDs and accessories.

Fusebox EV40A EV Charger Consumer Unit FAQ

Height - 261mm. Width - 162mm. Depth - 93mm


Yes it does.

 Fusebox EV40A Datasheet

FuseBox consumer units are manufactured by CP Electric Ltd. A relative newcomer to the circuit protection sector, but they are certainly setting the pace. They Prove a comprehensive level of protection that also includes surge to meet the demands of the latest Amendment 2 Wiring Regulations.

Fusebox's Three Phase (TPN) consumer unit range is estimated to be available by the middle of 2023