CK T5981 Contractor Tool Kit


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CK T5981 Contractor Tool Kit

CK Tools Contractor Tool Kit

CK T5981

The CK T5981 Contractor Tool Kit is the ultimate solution for contractors who need a reliable and high-quality set of tools to tackle any job with ease. This kit includes a variety of essential tools that are designed to make your work faster, easier, and more efficient.

Crafted from high-quality materials, the CK T5981 Contractor Tool Kit is built to last. Its durable design means that you can use these tools again and again without worrying about wear and tear. And with its innovative features and ergonomic design, this kit makes it easy to work smarter, not harder.

The kit includes a variety of hand tools that are designed to help you with everything from cutting and crimping to measuring and marking. Whether you're installing a new light fixture or building a deck, this kit has everything you need to get the job done right.

All of the tools in this kit are housed in a convenient carrying case, making it easy to take your tools with you wherever you go. And with its compact design, this case can easily fit in the trunk of your car or in your truck bed, so you can always have your tools on hand when you need them.

So if you're looking for a high-quality and comprehensive set of tools for your contracting work, look no further than the CK T5981 Contractor Tool Kit. With its unbeatable combination of durability, versatility, and convenience, it's the perfect choice for any contractor.

  • A flexible selection of tools for general maintenance and repair contained within the C.K Magma technician's tote
  • Contents of set:
  • C.K Magma Technician's Tote
  • VDE Side Cutter 160 mm
  • VDE Combination Pliers 185 mm
  • VDE Snipe Nose Pliers 175 mm
  • VDE Screwdrivers, PZD 1 & 2
  • VDE Screwdrivers, Slotted 2,5 x 75; 4,0 x 100mm
  • Waterpump Pliers 250mm
  • Tape 5 Meter / 16 ft
  • Mini Hacksaw
  • Pocket Spirit Level
  • Universal Cable Stripper



Guarantee 1 Year
Packaging Types Kit