Kewtech Observation Record Sheet

Kewtech Observation Record Sheet


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Observation Record Sheet

The Kewtech Observation Record Sheet is an essential tool for electrical engineers and inspectors. This pad includes 50 easy-to-use sheets for recording observations and notes during electrical testing and inspection. The sheets are designed to meet the latest industry standards and regulations and can be used to record information related to electrical installations, periodic inspections, and testing.

Each sheet features clear and concise sections for recording the date, the client's name, the address of the installation, and the nature of the observations. There is also plenty of space for adding notes and comments, making it easy to keep a detailed and accurate record of all observations.

This observation record sheet is an important part of any electrical engineer or inspector's toolkit, helping to ensure that all necessary observations are recorded accurately and in compliance with regulations. With 50 sheets included in each pad, the Kewtech Observation Record Sheet offers excellent value for money and is an essential resource for any electrical professional.


  • Additional Observation Record sheet
  • Use with TC3 ; TC4
  • Each page is duplicated.
  • No. of Certificates in a book: 40
  • Pages per certificate: 1 
  • BS7671:2008 Amendment 3:2015 Certificate Family