Kewtech Installation Condition Report Pad

Kewtech Installation Condition Report Pad


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Installation Condition Report Pad

The Kewtech Installation Condition Report Pad is an essential tool for professional electricians and electrical contractors. It contains all the necessary forms and certificates required to complete a comprehensive inspection and report on the condition of electrical installations in compliance with BS 7671.

This high-quality pad has been designed for ease of use, with clear and concise sections for recording key information and test results. It is compatible with all major electrical testing equipment and is suitable for use on both domestic and commercial installations. The pad is compact and lightweight, making it easy to transport between job sites, and the tear-off pages ensure that each report is neat and tidy.

By using the Kewtech Installation Condition Report Pad, you can ensure that your electrical installations are safe, compliant and fit for purpose, giving your clients the peace of mind they need.


  • Electrical Installation Condition Report for supplies greater than 100A 
  • Use with TC5 or TC6 and optional TC7
  • Each page is duplicated
  • No. of Certificates in a book: 7
  • Pages per certificate: 6
  • BS7671:2008 Amendment 3:2015 Certificate Family