IET Guidance Note Value Pack - 18th Edition Amendment 2

IET Guidance Note Value Pack


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IET Guidance Note Value

Included in this pack

Guidance Note 1: Selection & Erection

Guidance Note 2: Isolation & Switching

Guidance Note 3: Inspection & Testing

Guidance Note 4: Protection Against Fire

Guidance Note 5: Protection Against Electric Shock

Guidance Note 6: Protection Against Overcurrent

Guidance Note 7: Special Locations

Guidance Note 8: Earthing & Bonding

The IET Guidance Note Value Pack is an essential collection of guides for electricians, electrical contractors, and other professionals in the industry. The pack includes all eight IET Guidance Notes, providing comprehensive coverage of topics such as selection and erection, isolation and switching, protection against fire and electric shock, and earthing and bonding. The value pack is a cost-effective way to obtain all of the guidance notes in one package, and is ideal for those who need access to the complete set of guidance documents for reference or training purposes. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out in the industry, the IET Guidance Note Value Pack is an essential resource that will help ensure your work is safe, efficient, and up to code.