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FuseBox AMBP 18mm Plastic Blank (Pack of 12)


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FuseBox AMBP 18mm Plastic Blank (Pack of 12)

FuseBox 18mm Plastic Blank

Fusebox AMBP

Looking for a simple and effective way to conceal unused module spaces in your consumer unit? Look no further than FuseBox AMBP 18mm Plastic Blank! This pack of 12 high-quality plastic blanks is specifically designed to fit seamlessly into your FuseBox consumer unit, covering up any unused spaces and providing a clean and professional appearance.

These blanks are easy to install and remove, and are ideal for use in any residential or commercial setting where electrical safety and aesthetics are a priority. Don't let unsightly gaps and holes ruin the look of your consumer unit - choose FuseBox AMBP 18mm Plastic Blank and enjoy a sleek and streamlined appearance that will make your installation look its best.

MCB / RCBO Plastic Blanks (pack of 12) for the Fusebox consumer unit range.

Fusebox Plastic Blank